Our Story


We’ve always been believers. As kids, we dreamed about running away, going out to the Northwest and proving to the world that Bigfoot really existed. We began saving money and hatching plans. We would argue with anyone that told us Bigfoot didn’t exist, making us more eager to find him. Eventually, we let go of our travel plans, went on to college, started a business together and raised families. But we never forgot that feeling.

We have never been big fans of those that say, “That’s impossible, that will never work.” We believe it’s better to try something and fail than to never try at all. Given a choice, we would throw our hats in with the dreamer’s every time. They are the ones who move mankind forward, by thinking differently and taking chances.

B. Wylde Clothing is a lifestyle brand built around the idea that chasing after your dreams, taking adventures, getting outdoors, and living life to the fullest are the best qualities.   

It’s hard to wrap all of that into a brand, but to us, that’s truly what life is about. When you are outside hiking, camping or just sitting around a campfire, anything seems possible.




Mark Fritz & Mike Hutchinson

Believers in Bigfoot